Social innovation

CSI: Center for Social Innovation

The CSI (Center for Social Innovation) is a gathering of professionals who are working on the development of the GK Enchanted Farm and social entrepreneurship in the Philippines. As part of this entire network, it tests economic models for social innovation in collaboration with Gawad Kalinga communities.

Social Innovation with Gawad Kalinga

The innovations developed by social entrepreneurs are not yet popular among the general public despite the fact that it is developing as much at the national level as it is at the international level. A social enterprise responds to a social or environmental problem while generating profit, but its objective is maximizing social impact.

Social entrepreneurship is developing rapidly in the economic landscape of the Philippines. Extreme poverty and the environmental problems faced by the country are also challenges to be met by the social entrepreneur. The innovative solutions to be developed are infinite.

The social enterprises developed within the Enchanted Farm are being developed such that they could achieve financial sustainability while respecting the environment, and at the same time improving the life of thousands of families in the Philippines. The CSI also facilitates meetings between experts and institutes in order to advance the development of entrepreneurial activities and social innovation.

The Enchanted Farm contributes to the development of around 20 social enterprises. Here are some of the examples of the enterprises being incubated:


Plush & Play promotes and builds the competences of women, particularly seamstresses in the Gawad Kalinga village of Angat, Bulacan. Thanks to the production of handmade plush toys, Plush&Play has provided jobs to more than 30 people in only 2 years. With its first line of products inspired by products in the farm, the enterprise has provided sustainable livelihoods which allow its employees to support the needs of their families.

Bayani Brew

Bayani Brew is an iced tea made with local ingredients from the Philippines. Proud to be Filipino, it supports producers (farmers) by increasing the market price of their products and by providing financial aid to start up their activity.

Bayani Brew wishes to inspire people through its refreshing drink, as well as by being part of its national movement brewing a new generation of Filipinos madly in love with their country.

One of the principal elements missing in this environment is the resource of young social entrepreneurs ready to invest in the development of national brands. The solution put in place is the SEED (School of Entrepreneurial and Experimental Development) University, which was also created within the Enchanted Farm to train future entrepreneurs.

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