Social entrepreneurship mission [LT]

Social entrepreneurship missions with Gawad Kalinga

The social entrepreneurship missions with Gawad Kalinga are also referred to as Long Term (LT) missions. These missions last from 6 months to 1 year; thereafter, it is possible to conduct the mission with a civic service or VSI contract.

These missions are conducted at the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. The type of missions are diverse and can be developed with the social enterprise incubator (GK Enchanted Farm) or with one of the social enterprises being incubated.

My social enterprise (LT) mission with Gawad Kalinga

Integration and competences required

The social entrepreneurship missions require a high level of capacity to adapt in order to be able to work effectively despite the environmental change. Social enterprises function differently from traditional enterprises, and a certain level of maturity is required to understand the dynamics of the enterprise.

Most of the social enterprises being incubated also function as a start-up. This requires multiple competences which are not necessarily technical.

The missions could be both intellectual and manual and often required good business sense. The objective is also to share competences with the community and transfer knowledge by working together. One must have initiative, show determination and work autonomously.

Schedule of the mission

Before conducting a long-term mission, each volunteer must undergo an integration phase which lasts for 4 days at the GK Enchanted Farm. This adjustment phase is necessary to understand the working conditions and the philosophy of Gawad Kalinga.

After this integration phase, the volunteers can start working on their mission. Volunteers must be aware that social entrepreneurship missions require a high level of autonomy in order to realize their projects.

Fees and expenses

The cost of the plane ticket required to go to the Philippines is tax deductible if it passes certain criteria – please view the page on FAQs on tax deduction for my plane ticket.

There is a fee of 250 euros per volunteer. For more information regarding this fee, please visit our page on how to pay the fees for my mission.

In addition, the daily cost of living at the GK Enchanted Farm must pe paid to the community. This costs 350 pesos (around 6,5€) per day, inclusive of 3 meals, logistics, water, electricity and gas. This fee must be paid from the beginning of the mission, including during the integration phase at the Enchanted Farm.

The objectives of a social entrepreneurship mission (LT)

The objective of social entrepreneurship missions is for volunteers to discover the social businesses as well as to support the activities of the enterprises of the future. It is also a life experience which allows one to be part of a different socio-cultural environment. One of the missions of Gawad Kalinga is also to bridge the gap between the most privileged and the marginalized sectors of society.

The mission also provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and competences with the social entrepreneurs and the local population.

How to apply?

If you are interested, please send an application for a social entrepreneurship mission with Gawad Kalinga through our website.

Gawad Kalinga mission is to bring out of poverty 5 millions Filipinos families within 2024