Rules and Behavior Agreement


Gawad Kalinga has been growing at a very fast pace, thanks to its culture of hardwork and sacrifice embodied by the millions of GK volunteers who are moved by the deep love of their people and of the Philippines.

You should be ready to think about others before yourself and commit to give your best for the least, the last and the lost. Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm is a big prototype of what is designed as a movement for change in our society. Prototype meaning we are all here to experiment, learn from one another and from our mistakes, improve, adjust, and carry on. People working in the Enchanted Farm and in the GK villages have been here from the start, they have experimented several ways of organization and usually know why things work some way or the other.

You should always respect the organization procedure of the Enchanted Farm term and the GK coordinators, even if you do not understand it. You are, however, very welcome to ask questions (and we encourage you to ask a lot of questions) and offer solutions to improve the systems and processes in the Enchanted Farm.

You should keep an open mind, observe, be ready to learn, ask questions, try to understand, etc.

Community Rules

Gawad Kalinga is about community and capacity building. Its model has been proven very efficient (2,000 communities in 10 years) and innovative (awarded several times by the most prestigious organizations : Skoll Award, etc.) This model is about taking care of the most vulnerable people by :

  • Providing them a safe and stable environment (land – house – food);
  • Getting them out of the slum mentality, empowering them so that they get the confidence to engage other people (restore human dignity);
  • Giving them the skills and opportunities they need to live a sustainable life.

You must understand that your example and way of living have a great impact on the communities. As a consequence, you must respect carefully the following rules : Do not drink – smoke – gamble.
Especially in front of the kids. Even if the community members invite you to have a drink or a cigarette in their home.

These habits are forbidden for the community members for several reasons :

  • Most of the time, they cannot afford it. It would be inappropriate to encourage them to buy alcohol instead of saving money for their family and kids;
  • It’s a matter of character building : the community members don’t have the same drinking culture as we have. For them drinking is not a way of having a good time with friends. It is an addiction used as a way of forgetting issues instead of finding a solution.

Celebrations and parties, with or without the community, are allowed as long as they are planned and take place in a specific area.

  • Respect the curfew : As safe as the areas you will be sent to, Gawad Kalinga cannot control the environment at night and ensure your safety outside of the community. You must understand that Gawad Kalinga is being built on deep reputation of trustworthiness and integrity. Anything that could happen to you could deeply hurt and destroy ten years of hard work to build and deserve this trust.
  • Shower eveyday and wear clean clothes. The climate is different here in the Philippines. People easily perspire and be careful of wearing the same perspired shirt.
  • Wear a proper outfit.
    • Girls : No deep decolletage, no mini-skirt, always wear a bra.
    • Boys : Don’t go around shirtless, or in underpants. Always wear an underwear.
  • Take care of the cleanliness of your environment.


Gawad Kalinga is about building relationships. You are invited to make the poor your family and care for them as such. Gawad Kalinga encourages you to bond and share with the communities. But you should always remember you are dealing with vulnerable people with a different way of thinking than yours, still processing how to live together as a community.

You should be extra careful about the cultural differences. Attentions, kisses and physical contacts you would find innocent can be misunderstood. And gossip can run very fast. Besides, private relationships between interns and villagers are not welcome. We want all relationships to be free from money concerns, and we do not want the community to see you as potential money providers. For this reason, any money transaction should be kept on a community level and should not go to a person to person level.

You should go through the Enchanted Farm team or the caretaker for all money transactions (gifts, laundry, etc.)


The Gawad Kalinga internship program is, before everything else, an opportunity offered to young students to experiment the GK way of ending poverty and to share the life of a social entrepreneur. Gawad Kalinga sees it as a chance to bridge cultures and eventually bridge relationships and economies. IT IS NOT a way of getting free manpower or a way of making money. It actually demands extra-work for the local team to manage the interns.

By signing this agreement, you understand and accept the following fees :

  • Fixed fee : 250€, payable to GK Europe.
  • Daily expenses in the Enchanted Farm : NOT INCLUDED IN THE 250€ FEE. Meals : 75 PHP a meal Participation for water and electricity : 40 PHP (accomodation offered by EF)
  • Daily expenses in your GK village : Payable in advance on a weekly basis All GK village have the same package of 350P/day, but the breakdown can change according to the local food rates. It includes meals, water and electricity. It DOES NOT include transportation. • Transportation : To use the farm vehicle for personal use, you will be asked to pay for the gas. In your GK village, you will be asked to pay for your own transportation.

Internship mission

Being an intern in Gawad Kalinga, you are part of a multi-faceted movement. As such you should commit to :

  • Get actively involved in the life and work of the community (farming, kid activities, etc.) and not just your specific mission.
  • Get involved when it comes to spreading the vision and help the movement grow (welcoming visitors, sharing, representing the interest of European students for the Philippines and its opportunities).
  • Work closely with your social entrepreneur.

Days-off – Holidays

You will work from Monday to Friday and can be asked to be available on week-ends (events).

Every two months you get 1 week of vacation you can use to leave the country to renew your visa (immigration policy, you have to leave the country every 59 days).

  • You should always plan your vacations and inform your family and your caretaker about the dates and locations of your trip at least one week in advance.
  • You can get 7 to 10 days of vacations after your internship. When visiting the Philippines, if you want to travel through GK villages, you should inform the local GK coordinators.
  • Pay for your accommodation & meals as a usual tourist.

The community members will probably want to invite you as you are GK volunteers. Please REFUSE. It’s only fair to pay for your lodgings & food. And you get a less expensive rate than the hotel you would have had to pay.

  • Remember it helps them improve their economic condition. Do not take advantage of their kindness to save a few pesos.


By submitting your application, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the above.

You commit to abide by the following guiding principles :