Internship and Volunteering

Internship and volunteering

The ecosystem put in place by Gawad Kalinga HQ has become a special place for internship and volunteering for numerous European students. Every year, more than 500 French students participate in humanitarian projects in Gawad Kalinga villages, as well as in social enterprise missions in the GK Enchanted Farm.

If you are a student and you would like to discover Gawad Kalinga or social entrepreneurship in the Philippines, various internship offers are available on our website. As an intern, you will be working directly with a social entrepreneur or with managers of non-profit organizations (NGOs). Internship missions vary greatly so do not hesitate to consult our online platform for available internship opportunities in Gawad Kalinga!

There are also volunteer posts available for people who wish to invest themselves in volunteer missions lasting from 6 months to a few years. In partnership with the Délégation Catholique pour la Cooperation (DCC)Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale (VSI) contracts with “Service Civique” status can be granted.

A good knowledge of English is required to communicate with the local team.

Internship and volunteer opportunities are regularly updated. If there is no current offer that fits your profile, you could also send a spontaneous application.


The internship and volunteer missions are divided into two categories: the humanitarian missions organized by the NGO Gawad Kalinga, and  social entrepreneurship missions organized by the GK Enchanted Farm.

Development mission (volunteer work from 5 weeks to 4 months)

The development projects are for those who wish to work on a mission with the non-profit organization Gawad Kalinga for a period of 5 weeks to 4 months. These missions represent the most important part of GK’s work since 2003, which responds to the problem of extreme poverty through community development.

These missions involve the construction, renovation and planning of Gawad Kalinga villages. Every year, dozens of volunteer groups take action in the Philippines. Projects are largely managed by the group, including fundraising and implementation.

More details available in our page on development missions.

You could send your application for development missions with GK through this website.

Social enterprise missions (volunteer work for 6 months or more)

The social enterprise projects within the GK Enchanted Farm are for students and volunteers who wish to commit to the mission for 6 months or longer.

Vacancies are available for innovative projects in various areas of social development. You could be working for GK Enchanted Farm’s social enterprise incubator team or for the social enterprises being incubated. The Enchanted Farm is an environment which allows exchange of diverse competences. The expertise and experiences searched for range from business development, design, engineering and finance, among others.

Discover more about our internship offers and volunteer opportunities with GK on this page.

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