Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm


The GK Enchanted Farm is an ecosystem which trains and helps social entrepreneurs in their journey of creating social enterprises. It also aims to support local farmers in revitalizing and developing the rural landscape in the Philippines.

Although the farm’s principal activity remains to be the incubation of social enterprises, it is also strongly involved in diverse projects designed to keep this ecosystem alive.

In total, 25 Enchanted Farms are being developed, the most advanced of which is located north of Manila in the region of Bulacan, which spans more than 35 hectares.

The Enchanted Farm is…

… a FARM

The Philippines is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Despite its growing economy, certain sectors of activity like agriculture and fishing remain underdeveloped (15% of GDP) even though they represent 30% of the active population. In addition, these sectors are often taken for granted by the younger generations who do not wish to be integrated in professions associated with poverty.

The tropical climate and the volcanic soil of the Philippines have certain advantages which could position the country among the biggest producers of Southeast Asia. The GK Enchanted Farm dreams of creating national brands produced locally: chocolate, rice, dairy products and the like which could be produced thanks to the 70% of agricultural land currently underutilized.

The GK Enchanted Farm is first and foremost a farm, because countryside development is an indispensable step in the sustainable economic development of countries. It is the reason for which the farms incubates principally enterprises which use raw materials obtained from agriculture.

To respond to the demand of enterprises being incubated, the GK Enchanted Farm invests in farm operations, as well as in research and development to provide for future needs.


One of the essential components of the Gawad Kalinga farms is that they are developed around Gawad Kalinga villages. Thus, the economic activities of the farm and the enterprises incubated employ the majority of the villagers.

At the heart of its economic development, the Enchanted Farm breaks the invisible barriers which have emerged between the rich and the poor, allowing each one to contribute to this model.


The long term objectives of Gawad Kalinga requires the formation of future social entrepreneurs. Thus, a university was created: SEED (School for Social and Experimental Development) with an objective of training future social entrepreneurs in the region.

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