Gawad Kalinga Europe

Gawad Kalinga is a Filipino NGO that aims to eradicate extreme poverty for 5 million Filipinos by 2024.
Gawad Kalinga Europe was founded in 2011 by Olivier Girault. Based in Paris, the European branch is composed of volunteers who discovered the Filipino NGO during world travel or doing social work.


The main mission of Gawad Kalinga France is to accompany volunteers in planning their mission with Gawad Kalinga Philippines. Two types of mission are available: development missions and entrepreneurial missions.


Gawad Kalinga raises funds to develop existing GK communities or to build new ones. On average, one community provides a shelter and a peaceful environment for 30 families.


Gawad Kalinga Europe also organizes events in order to sustain the GK community in Europe. Most of those events take place during GK official visits between September to December.

Get to action!

Social entrepreneurship and development

Start a social mission by group or individually for 5 weeks up to 6 months.


Being part of the development

Make a donation to be part of the solution : funding communities or social project lead by GK!


Giveaway your Flying Blue miles

With your flying blue miles, we can send delegates worldwide and promote Gawad Kalinga actions!

Olivier Girault

Director GK Europe

Responsible for the development strategy in Europe, Olivier is also the regional director of Picardie at Orange.

Mathieu Favard

Recruitment Officer, LT Missions

Mathieu works as a volunteer for GK Europe after having discovered Gawad Kalinga and the Philippines while traveling around the world.

Laurence Defontaines

Manager of Long-Term Missions

Laurence lives in the GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan, Philippines. She manages the interns on site in coordination with GK Europe.

Cherryl Si

Consultant ST Missions

Cherryl is a Filipina living in Toulouse since 2015. Ex CEO of Route+63 Travels, she has a Master degree in International Management.
Life is an adventure – live it by giving life to others. Don’t be content with confort when others can hardly live

Tito Tony Meloto - Fondateur de Gawad Kalinga